It was a sunny day outside. He was sitting on an old white bench listening to the rustle of tree leaves above, watching a tiny spider climbing his arm (you are to go away, little fella), and trying to cope with the over fifty pages «short overview of the subject» in crippled German. The blow of wind torn  away an old burned-red leaf from a tree. It spiraled in the suddenly cool air to land on a page. Somewhere above the great god gave a deep drum stroke. The sound broke in thousands of crackling echoes. He raised his head. In front of him was an infinite blue of the sky merging with the sparkling lazily moving sea at the horizon. Behind – the dark, bulking, menacing, gorgeous in its threatening force storm clouds legion. He smiled - at last! Slowly he stood up, gave a sigh of relief and then swiftly grabbed all the documents — hurry, hurry, hurry, it is coming! Quickly he ran to the overcrowded cubicle of a place to dwell. Paper out, phone out, all these things of life, clothes... ok, not this time, there are still people out there you know... Out! Gosh, how cool! The rustling of trees became ceaseless, filling the air with the orchestra of sounds. The master drummer of the skies boomed with another outstanding mighty explosion. Let it rain, let it rain, let it! The sea waves splashed with leaden imminence. And finally it started. Somewhat unwillingly, a few drops for a start, pretending that all this overture was just for fun, just a little jest for the slumbering tourists. But then... He grinned. The show has begun. The wall of water pierced the air and rushed to the ground. Another breaking crackle. Poor fellas. With a half-grin frozen on his face he stepped out from the cover of a pine-tree and into the shooting streams. Leisurely he walked down a street followed by the torrents. So good. The grin fell down to give place to the genuine smile of happiness and relief. The deluge continued, clothes started to cling making the body movements uneasy. No. When you are fast, I am fast too! He ran... and nearly visited a rain-worm house under the nearest bush. Ok, slippery old sandals and rain rarely go together without victims. Do I really need shoes? He stepped out of these slick black cunning devils and onto the ground. It is so warm and rough! How could he be such a fool to walk for so long in a pair of dripping wet cold cages? Don't matter. He grabbed these feet-chains of sandals and finally run. Faster, faster! The drums of rain boomed in his ears with every step, with every leap, his feet splashing, drinking the warmness of the ground beneath them and the game of the fluttering currents washing around. Just a few minutes ago it was incinerating hot and now the clouds of steam raised from the just-ready-for-cooking surface, giving the dim lit park lane a view not to forget – the entrance into a maze, a labyrinth, to find someone who you really are. He rushed into it...

Later on the sun shined again filling the world with brilliance of myriads tiny diamonds generously given to everyone to admire but not to possess by the great rain god.   

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